4.44 USD
18.65 USD
0.00008817 BTC
FaucetPay (BTC)
0.00064751 BTC
FaucetPay (DOGE)
2.54303406 DOGE
FaucetPay (BNB)
0.00781377 BNB
FaucetPay (LTC)
0.24503336 LTC
FaucetPay (TRX)
6.80801864 TRX
1.21765327 LTC
Web Money
0.05 WMZ
Bitcoin Cash
0.56736718 BCH
438.64071970 DOGE
Binance BEP20
0.13601238 BNB
Perfect Money
1.51 USD
0.00 USD
49.99706918 XRP
Tether TRC20
130.83269527 USDT
49.89084146 MATIC
Shiba inu
3,604,338.89 SHIB
FaucetPay (USDT)
0.03165148 USDT
0.28936975 AVAX
15.49338980 APE
2.50000000 SOL
99.97215078 ADA
Mines of Dalarnia
499.96248167 DAR
Latest Exchanges
FaucetPay (BTC) PAYEER 0.000304281 BTC 5.46 USD confirmed
FaucetPay (BTC) PAYEER 0.000155 BTC 2.77 USD confirmed
FaucetPay (BTC) PAYEER 0.00005579 BTC 1.01 USD confirmed
FaucetPay (BTC) PAYEER 0.00006 BTC 1.09 USD confirmed
Bitcoin PAYEER 0.0005 BTC 8.86 USD Pending
PAYEER FaucetPay (BTC) 0.5 USD 0.00002317 BTC Pending
FaucetPay (LTC) PAYEER 0.001 LTC 0.05 USD confirmed
PAYEER FaucetPay (BTC) 2 USD 0.00009268 BTC canceled
PAYEER FaucetPay (BTC) 5 USD 0.00023171 BTC canceled
FaucetPay (LTC) PAYEER 0.001 LTC 0.05 USD confirmed
Latest Withdrawals
M226294591 PAYEER 1.02 USD confirmed
M227025999 FaucetPay (TRX) 4.00000000 TRX confirmed
M226196173 FaucetPay (BTC) 0.00004000 BTC confirmed
M226196173 FaucetPay (BTC) 0.00003000 BTC confirmed
M223184454 FaucetPay (TRX) 37.92340000 TRX confirmed
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